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Free ClickFORMS for Trainees in Membership Packages

  • Add Appraiser Trainees Without Software Fees
  • Includes Inspection App and ClickFORMS Online

Adding trainees to your business is not only forward thinking for the industry, but good business sense for your appraisal office. It's not long before trainees are productive team members adding to your efficiency and bottom line. At Bradford Technologies, we're committed to the appraisal industry and that's why we offer free ClickFORMS for trainees in our Membership packages. Add appraiser trainees to your ClickFORMS team with easy file sharing, cloudbased form processor, and coordinate field inspections with our Inspect-a-Lot app to really leverage new technologies and eager trainees. Build your appraisal office team without having to add to your expenses.

  • Gold Membership includes ONE Free ClickFORMS for trainees
  • Gold Plus Membership includes TWO Free ClickFORMS for trainees
  • Platinum Membership includes THREE Free ClickFORMS for trainees

Terms: ClickFORMS for trainees is assigned to the trainee who may use the software for 12 months free with the Owner/Mentor Membership plan in good standing. Trainee software will convert to a regular package and price after 12 months. Owner membership plan will renew with new ClickFORMS for trainees, but may not be applied to the same trainee.

ClickFORMS® Team Appraising Leverages New Desktop Workflow

Modern appraisal offices rely on teamwork to gain the greatest productivity. Bradford Technologies has created a workflow that empowers appraisal teams to work efficiently, reducing time and distance factors and significantly increasing appraisal production and most importantly, profitability.

Team Appraising was designed for appraisers, trainees and assistants to work as a team and out-produce the competition. Team Appraising combines the benefits of desktop appraisal software, mobile inspection software, online form processing and cloud storage with instant data syncing to all team members.

As your appraisal business grows, so do your business needs. Expanding your business shouldn't mean doubling your expenses. Add trainees with no additional fees for software or support. Plus, your assistants can also use ClickFORMS for free to help prepare the appraisal so that you're free to do the analysis.

Bradford Technologies is taking teamwork to a new level with a renewed commitment to the appraisal industry and our ClickFORMS customers with free software for Trainees. Combine that with common sense licensing and trouble-free software, you'll discover that the ClickFORMS solution is more efficient and more profitable than your current software.

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