The Best CAnadian Appraisal Software for the desktop is now online


ClickFORMS Desktop and Online Work Seamlessly Together

The new ClickFORMS Canadian Online works seamlessly with the traditional ClickFORMS desktop version. When you have a choice, why not use the easiest, most intuitive appraisal software for Canada.

Now you can get ClickFORMS Canadian for the desktop for $99 USD. That includes unlimited support and unlimited location map service. To download a free trial of the desktop version or to order, click here.


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Canada's Easiest to Use
Appraisal Software – Now Online!

For more than 20 years, ClickFORMS appraisal software has set the benchmark for stability, reliability, and ease of use. This translates to a shorter learning curve, higher productivity, and more money in your pocket. Appraisers that are new to ClickFORMS can begin creating reports in less than 10 minutes!


Sign up to begin using ClickFORMS Canadian Online and benefit from the foundation of appraisal experience that Bradford Technologies brings to the best online Appraisal form-filling application. Download the Desktop version for a free 15-day, fully functional trial.



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The most intuitive appraisal software.

Free Online.

ClickFORMS is known for its ease of use, reliability and industry innovation. We're applying that same hassle-free approach to our cloud-based appraisal form-filling application. Many appraisers in Canada are already familiar with ClickFORMS Canadian and love the intuitive approach that's simple, yet powerful. Now all Canadian appraisers can experience ClickFORMS Canadian with this new, free to use, easy-to-complete online appraisal software.


Forms in English and French.

Up-to-date forms in both English and French. The latest updates are always available from ClickFORMS Canadian Online. All the forms you need, now in the cloud in ClickFORMS Canadian Online.


ClickFORMS Canadian Online is easy to use, reliable and best of all, free to use.