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Productivity Tools

Integrated tools will have you completing your appraisal reports faster and more accurately.

Inspect-a-Lot™ Mobile Inspection App iPad mobile application. Gather and input data while you’re in the field.

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.
We designed our mobile inspection app, Inspect-a-Lot™ to work with ClickFORMS®, the appraisal industry's most intuitive form-filling software. So of course we designed Inspect-a-Lot to be easy to learn and use. It more closely mimics the way that appraisers approach field work than any other mobile app and because it works the way you do, you'll have an easier time mastering the app and integrating it to your workflow.

Save Time & Increase Productivity
Team Appraising was designed for appraisers, trainees and assistants who want to work as a team and out produce the competition. Team Appraising combines the benefits of desktop appraisal software, mobile inspection software, online form processing and cloud storage with instant data syncing to all team members, plus member management to create the supporting technology framework needed by all appraisal teams.

MLS Import Data WizardAvoid retyping your MLS data. Import your data efficiently and error-free.

The ClickFORMS™ MLS import Wizard imports your MLS data to populate your Sales and Listing grids. Within the MLS Import Wizard, your MLS data is customizable to meet your appraisal standards.

1004MC ServiceAutomatically fill out your 1004MC grid with your comments and detailed charts.

View Sample Report. The 1004MC Service enhances and adds value to your report by adding detailed charts to help illustrate what is happening in the market. Charts include dynamically generated, fully editable comments.

Our short video will show you how the 1004MC Service makes simplicity even easier. In just a few steps, you can quickly and easily fill out the 1004MC and generate charts and comments.

A Better Way to Produce Appraisals Faster

AppraisalWorld™ A Free Service for All Appraisers.

Purchase applications and services on-line 24/7 and have them instantly available. Download ClickFORMS and Redstone software. Manage your profile and use the Order Manager to keep track of your appraisal business.

Data Resources

Integrated data resources streamline your report process.

Property Data Integrator Don’t retype property data, import it to save time and reduce errors.

Import property data directly into ClickFORMS from national data sources such as ParcelQuest, First American, RealQuest and Realist. Save time and avoid errors in re-typing data. Included in Platinum Membership.

Marshall & SwiftOne of the best cost analysis and data resource providers in the industry.

Integration with the Swift Estimator® by Marshall & Swift®, lets you create Standard, Short, Input Listing and Depreciation cost reports, as well as Form 1007 for FHA and HUD appraisals for single-family and low-rise multi-family residences, townhouses and duplexes.

Complete appraisals with full access to Form 1007 and the Standard, Short and Depreciation reporting features. All calculations are automated as well, so you'll never have to question the accuracy of your adjustments.

  • Accurate: Calculations are derived from Marshall & Swift's reliable and defendable data that has been trusted for 80 years
  • Flexible: Accessible anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, always offers the most current data without the hassle of installing updates.
  • Affordable: Purchase cost approach reports when you need them from our online store at

Flood MapsSave time and money by importing flood data and maps.

Getting a flood zone determination delivered directly into ClickFORMS is just a few simple clicks away. Our Flood Map Service will return the Flood Zone, Community Number and Name, Map Number, Panel Date, Census Tract, and all other pertinent information. Plus, it inserts a flood map right into your appraisal reports. The best feature of this service within ClickFORMS is the ability to more accurately position the property marker in case of poor GIS positioning of the property or possibly an outdated flood map. You can even add Notes to the map or additional Custom Markers to indicate areas of concern.

A Better Way to Produce Appraisals Faster

BuildFax®Property permit history reports, quickly retrieved and integrated into your reports.

BuildFAX service is behind you all the way with the facts that get 'under the roof' and 'within the walls' to give you a detailed background check on your subject property.

A Better Way to Produce Appraisals Faster

Network Connections

ClickFORMS allow you to transmit your reports to virtually any AMC or lender in America.

  • Connection Package Plus – Popular connection services, AppraisalPort, ISGN & Amrock.

  • CoreLogic | Mercury Network  – Gain Access to Nearly 1000 Lenders & AMCs. Included in Platinum Membership.

ClickFORMS™ is optimized to work with the industry's leading sketching programs, seamlessly integrated so that data and images populate ClickFORMS reports.

  • Inspect-a-Lot™ – The Built-in sketcher allows you to build your sketch in the field using your iPad and finger. Included free with your ClickFORMS Membership.

  • Area Sketch & Apex Sketcher – The leading sketching programs integrate data and images.
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