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Appraising Reimagined

These are uncertain times with changes looming on the horizon. Appraisal Modernization is in full swing. Data collection and Appraisal reporting are different. Soon, everything will be different. So what is the future of real estate appraising and where are the opportunities for Appraisers?

NightHawk Frequently Asked Questions 

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NightHawk FAQs

What is NightHawk?

NightHawk is Bradford Technologies' next generation appraisal software.

Will NightHawk be able to produce the new dynamic appraisal report that has been specified by the GSEs?

Yes. NightHawk will be able to produce the new dynamic appraisal.

Is NightHawk a general-purpose appraisal product?

Yes. NightHawk is meant to handle lending and consumer type appraisals.

When will NightHawk be released?

We do not have a firm date for a general-purpose release. You should sign up to our NightHawk News and Updates emailing list (form above) so that we can notify you of updates to NightHawk.

What is the best way to stay informed on NightHawk developments.

Sign up on the NightHawk News and Updates email list (form above). We will keep you informed on all milestones as NightHawk progresses through its development.