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At Bradford Technologies, we understand that switching appraisal software is an important and often disruptive process. That's why we're here to make it as convenient, hassle-free and probably save you a suitcase load of cash in the process. So try our software for free, buy it without worry and learn it without a lot of training to get up to speed and running your appraisal business more efficiently than before.

30 Day Free Trial

Discover all the efficiency and productivity that's possible when the appraisal software you're using is highly intuitive. Try ALL the time-saving features of ClickFORMS and get unlimited technical support for 30 days. All features are enabled so you can even submit reports during the trial period – no hassle, no risk, no obligation.

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100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Worried that you'll get stuck with software after you really get working with it in difficult appraising situations? We're so confident that you'll be completely satisfied with ClickFORMS that we have a 100 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Use it in the real world. Discover how much more efficient you can be. If it's still not for you, ask for a refund.

Easy Training Webinar

Users have found ClickFORMS so intuitive to use that they're able to complete reports with as little as 30 minutes of training. We have easy-to-follow online training for ClickFORMS as well as all the services. When you need more personal training, join our Training Webinar to interact with the trainer directly. Watch our Training Video here. We also have a short, Quick Start video with just the basics.

7 Days/Week Technical Support

Whether you're on the trial version or a registered software user, our tech support team is available to help you through any issues. We don't restrict access or charge you more to have a top-tier technician remote into your system and solve your problem. You'll rarely have to contact them, but know that they're ready to take your call. We also have personal concierge assistance to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Easily Convert Your Total and ACI UAD XML Files

The ClickFORMS XML batch converter will easily convert all your UAD XML files to ClickFORMS files in an automated process. Just set it and forget it. All your files will then be converted for use with ClickFORMS, reducing the time spent switching over and easing you into your new program.

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Increase Your Efficiency in the Field and Office

Inspect-a-Lot™ Mobile App


Designed from the ground up to work the way you do in the field. We didn't just put forms on your mobile device, Inspect-a-Lot™ more closely mimics the way that appraisers approach field work than any other mobile app. You'll be more efficient in the field, and with Team Appraising, your data and photos can be in your report before you even get back to the office to reduce your appraisal turn time. Learn more about Inspect-a-Lot.

Build Your Appraisal Team For Less

Trainees and Assistants are FREE

As your appraisal business grows, so do your business needs. Expanding your business shouldn't mean doubling your expenses. Add trainees with no additional software or support fees. Plus, your assistants can also use ClickFORMS for free to help prepare the appraisal so that you're free to do the analysis. Learn more about Free ClickFORMS for Trainees.


Combine Field and Office Solutions to Reduce Turn Times

ClickFORMS Online


Log in and access your reports from anywhere. ClickFORMS Online allows you to access and coordinate reports that you and your teammates create. Remain in sync without emailing or transferring files and updates. Works in conjunction with your ClickFORMS desktop application to provide flexibility to your team whether on location or working virtually. Learn more about ClickFORMS Online and Team Appraising.

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AppraisalWorld Membership
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1004MC Market Analysis Service
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CoreLogic-Mercury Network
Flood Maps 125 150 250
Redstone Analytics ($250 value) 50 Analyses
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ClickFORMS System Requirements

Microsoft Windows®

  • Windows 10 or newer Operating System
  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • At least 250MB free disk space
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • Latest Browser Version
  • High speed internet connection

Running ClickFORMS on anything less than our minimum requirements may result in unexpected and unsupported issues.