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ClickFORMS can greatly increase your productivity through the use of integrated tools and services. Many of these are included in our Membership Plans. We can also customize the plans to add additional features or switch particular services that better match your business and your local area needs.

Technical Support

The industry’s best customer care and support is included in all ClickFORMS Memberships.


Top-tier support available, 7-days a week with remote computer access.


When you just have a quick questions, email us for a fast and convenient response.

Remote Support

On-demand remote access your PC to help troubleshoot technical difficulties.

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Productivity Tools

Integrated tools will have you completing your appraisal reports faster and more accurately.

Data Resources

Integrated data resources streamline your report process.

    • Import property data directly into ClickFORMS from national data sources such as ParcelQuest, First American, RealQuest and Realist. Save time and avoid errors in re-typing data. Included in Platinum Membership.
    • Integration with the Swift Estimator® by Marshall & Swift®, lets you create Standard, Short, Input Listing and Depreciation cost reports, as well as Form 1007 for FHA and HUD appraisals for single-family and low-rise multi-family residences, townhouses and duplexes.

      Complete appraisals with full access to Form 1007 and the Standard, Short and Depreciation reporting features. All calculations are automated as well, so you'll never have to question the accuracy of your adjustments.

      • Accurate: Calculations are derived from Marshall & Swift's reliable and defendable data that has been trusted for 80 years
      • Flexible: Accessible anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, always offers the most current data without the hassle of installing updates.
      • Affordable: Purchase cost approach reports when you need them from our online store at
    • Getting a flood zone determination delivered directly into your ClickFORMS report is just a few simple clicks away. Just enter the address and our Flood Insights Web Service does all the work—right from your desktop! Our Flood Map Service will return the Flood Zone, Community Number, Map Panel, Panel Date, Census Tract, and all other pertinent information. Plus, it inserts a flood map right into your appraisal reports!

      Flood Maps Video

    • BuildFAX service is behind you all the way with the facts that get 'under the roof' and 'within the walls' to give you a detailed background check on your subject property.

    • Verifiable Documentation – Permits can confirm whether the subject has been updated in the last 15 years, the area of the improvement, and the type and time frame of improvement. This time period is reflected in UAD requirements.

    • Streamlined Report – BuildFax's streamlined report includes building permit activity and building improvement history on the subject property and the surrounding area all in one simple report. View a Sample Report.

    • Easy Integration with ClickFORMS – BuildFax Reports are integrated directly into ClickFORMS with a single click. The BuildFax report can also be used with other software vendors as a PDF addendum.

    • What you get with BuildFax:
      • Major Systems Age – Provides the cost/age/probably condition of improvements, renovations, equipment.
      • Supporting Detail – Provides details regarding the cost/valuation, date, contractor and description of work.
      • Insight to Quality – Helps identify the quality of the improvements/renovations/equipment.
    • Pictometry units allow you to very quickly and legally add aerial images to your reports with just a couple of clicks. You don't have to hunt around on the internet for images you may not have the rights to include or break your workflow while working on your report. Just grab it and add it.

      The Subject Aerial Imagery Addendum from ClickFORMS will show:
      • Your street view photo
      • Top view of subject property
      • Oblique angles from North, South, East and West of the subject
      • Aerial Parcel Boundary View
    • Why DataMaster?
      • Do More appraisals in less time. Imports MLS and public records at blazing speeds (28,000 wpm).
      • Gives you peace of mind and confidence in your report. With manual re-keying eliminated, there are no typos, keeps you compliant effortlessly. …that's priceless!
      • With DataMaster, you can dramatically improve turn time. It will calculate the 1004MC in seconds and electronically transfer it directly to the forms, along with data specific comments and 16 easy-to-understand graphs to communicate market trends and time adjustments.

Network Connections

ClickFORMS allow you to transmit your reports to virtually any AMC or lender in America.

  • Connection Package Plus – Popular connection services, AppraisalPort, ISGN & Amrock.

  • CoreLogic | Mercury Network  – Gain Access to Nearly 1000 Lenders & AMCs. Included in Platinum Membership.


ClickFORMS™ is optimized to work with the industry's leading sketching programs, seamlessly integrated so that data and images populate ClickFORMS reports.

  • Inspect-a-Lot™ – The Built-in sketcher allows you to build your sketch in the field using your iPad and finger. Included free with your ClickFORMS Membership.

  • Area Sketch & Apex Sketcher – The leading sketching programs integrate data and images.

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