Inspect-a-Lot Lets You
Focus on Inspecting  -  Not Form-Filling

Complete your field inspections faster and more efficiently

Don't Take Your Forms Into the Field

Up to now, mobile appraisal apps were made more cumbersome and complex by trying to take the desktop form-filling experience and shrinking it to the phone. Rather than clumsily working your way through forms, you should be focused on efficiently performing your field inspection. Why impede your inspection process by constraining yourself to filling out an appraisal form in the field. Mobile technology can deliver so much more than simply another way to fill in a form. By gathering only needed information in a streamlined and organized fashion, the new and innovative Inspect–a–Lot app from Bradford Technologies concentrates on field inspection data capture which allows you to complete your work faster and easier.

Go Mobile and Save Time in the Field

One of the major complaints appraisers have had for not converting to mobile inspection technologies is that it doesn't save them time in the field. We've all heard it, "I'm faster with my clipboard!" That used to be true with first generation appraisal apps that were designed around forms. Transmission and form-filling duties help decrease the total time spent on the appraisal, but made little difference to the time spent on location. Inspect-a-Lot's interface efficiencies actually help you conduct your inspection faster. Combine that with the time saved from never retyping data or searching memory cards for photos and you have the greatest productivity tool developed for appraisers in many years.


Quickly Gather/Verify Data
Appraisers have a system and logical approach to their inspections and Inspect–a–Lot's data input screen follows this logical pattern. Using a single, scrolling interface that's easy to navigate with a flick on the screen, appraisers are guided through the inspection in a way that's familiar and natural. No more hunting numerous screens to find the field you want, or bouncing back and forth through forms while entering data and photos. You'll find the intuitive interface easy to use because it works the way you do.

Logical Interface is easy to navigate

Logical Interface is easy to navigate

"Inspect-A-Lot is awesome. Definitely saves me time on report data entry – at least 20 minutes. I feel like I've done a great inspection because Inspect-A-Lot made the inspection process a lot easier and more thorough." —C. Kersh

Label and Transfers your Photos

Photos are automatically transferred

Easily Label and Transfer Your Photos
No more searching through camera memory cards to import the right photo, for the right property. Now your photos are easily organized while in the field and instantly imported to the report back at the office.

Simply take photos in the field with your iPad, label them and then directly import your photos into your report. This is an incredible time saver and keeps you from losing track of photos.

"I know it will definitely save me time and I absolutely love the way it integrates all the photos into the report, instantly." —B. Fulsher


Sketch with Your Finger
Inspect-a-Lot allows you to easily and naturally sketch your subject using just your finger. The integrated sketcher is completely new, but so straightforward and familiar to all appraisers. Quickly sketch out essential measurements and features while verifying GLA, floorplan, labeling room layouts, etc., while on location. Avoid measurement errors that necessitates a time-wasting return inspection, making you look unprofessional. The sketch instantly transfers to your report in an addendum along with the calculated GLA.

Sketch with your finger

Easily sketch with your finger

"The sketching program is easy to use... Thank you for a great product!" —J. Owen

Transfer data into your ClickFORMS report

Data, photos, sketches go directly to ClickFORMS

Import Data Directly to Your Report
Inspect-a-Lot has a unique approach to inspections that guides and speeds you through your field work. Inspect-a-Lot will also save you a considerable amount of time back at your desk. No more printing MLS data, public records and comp sheets to put on your clipboard. Just upload the data to Inspect-a-lot for verification in the field. After your inspection, transfer the data, photos and sketches directly to your report and work file. The time savings from not retyping and avoiding typos is incredible.

"My staff no longer has to decipher my chicken scratch! Inspect-a-Lot results in a clean, complete inspection with readable notes! Inspect-a-lot is a major time saver." —M. Yaklin

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Here's what you'll need:
iPad: Apple iPad, any size, running iOS 9 or higher. (app will not work on iPhones or Android devices)
ClickFORMS: Run the latest version of ClickFORMS (version 8.8 or later). Inspect-a-Lot is free to download and to use. You will need to login to AppraisalWorld in the app to gain access to the sync feature between Inspect–a–Lot and ClickFORMS. Membership levels Gold and Platinum (older levels Professional, Top Producer and Trailblazer) are required to sync your app data and ClickFORMS.
Download the Inspect-a-Lot from the Apple App Store: From your iPad click here to download Inspect-a-Lot.
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Download a free trial of ClickFORMS and call our Sales Department at 800.622.8727 to activate Inspect-a-Lot. Inspect-a-Lot is free to download and use.
Download Inspect-a-Lot from the Apple App Store: From your iPad click here to download Inspect-a-Lot.