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New Low Price
For more than 20 years, ClickFORMS™ hassle-free appraisal software has set the benchmark for stability, reliability, and ease of use. This translates to a shorter learning curve, higher productivity, and more money in your pocket. Now you can get ClickFORMS Canadian for the desktop for $99 USD. That includes unlimited support and unlimited location map service. Call 800-622-8727 to purchase.
Forms designed for Canada
Summary Appraisal Report
Residential Appraisal Report
Residential Desktop Report (English and French)
Residential Drive-By Report (English and French)
Restricted Use Appraisal Report
Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report
Operating Income Statement
Schedule A
Land Appraisal Report
New CNAREA forms
Powerful features make you more money
ClickFORMS is full of powerful features that will help you finish appraisal reports faster so you can turn more business including: Ability to convert reports with drag and drop simplicity; Detailed report reviewer; Up to 15 automatic adjustments; Image size optimizer; Built-in PDF creator; and Free Form Text – a ClickFORMS exclusive – which allows you to type text anywhere on the form.
Easiest to use Desktop Software for Canada
Use ClickFORMS Canadian desktop software when not required to use your clients on-line software. When you have a choice, why not use the easiest, most intuitive appraisal software for Canada. Call 800-622-8727 or request a call back to purchase.
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