Bradford Technologies Has One Focus — Appraisers

One Focus - Appraisers

Innovative software designed to advance your appraisal business

At Bradford Technologies, we're dedicated to appraisers. We're committed to improving technologies that make appraisers more efficient and effective in their business. For over 37 years, Bradford Technologies has been Advancing Appraisal Technology™ with intuitive software, innovative technology solutions and profit generating opportunities for appraisers. Appraisers are our focus. They're who we serve. Discover the difference that dedication makes in our software solutions for your appraisal business. See our flagship Appraisal software – ClickFORMS

NightHawk® — The Future of Appraising

New Opportunities Come with the Next Generation of Appraisal Software

Appraisers will face new challenges with Appraisal Modernization and rapidly advancing technology like Artificial Intelligence. Bradford Technologies is dedicated to developing the next generation of appraisal software to meet these challenges and provide appraisers with new opportunities to thrive. Watch this informative video by Jeff Bradford on the Future of Appraising.

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NightHawk - The Future of Appraising

FREE ClickFORMS® For Your Trainees

It's good for them. It's good for the industry. It's good for your bottom line.

Trainees are FREE

Adding trainees to your business is not only forward thinking for the industry, but good business sense for your appraisal office. It's not long before trainees are productive team members adding to your efficiency and profitability. At Bradford Technologies, we're committed to the appraisal industry and that's why we offer free ClickFORMS for trainees in our Membership packages. Build your appraisal office team without having to add to your expenses.

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Inspect-a-Lot Mobile App

No More Clipboard. Save Time & Increase Productivity.

Designed from the ground up to provide appraisers with a custom solution tailored to their needs. Not a form on a tablet or an app modified from another industry, Inspect-a-Lot was thoughtfully designed for Appraisers. The tools you need in the field and so streamlined in its approach. Sketch with your finger, photograph and label on the spot and have that data transmitted back to the office and into your ClickFORMS report before you even get in the car to leave.

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Team Appraising

New Solutions Bring Greater Efficiency to Your Office.

Team Appraising

Now you can work efficiently, reducing time and distance factors and significantly increase appraisal production and profitability with Team Appraising. Designed for appraisers, trainees and assistants to work as a team and out produce the competition. Team Appraising combines the benefits of desktop appraisal software, mobile inspection software, online form processing and cloud storage with instant data syncing to all team members, plus member management to create the supporting technology framework.

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Why Your Choice of Appraisal Software Matters

Bradford Technologies is a Partner You Can Trust

Just like choosing members of your appraisal team in the office matters, choosing the right vendor partners to provide services matters to your business. With over 37 years of loyalty and experience in the appraisal industry, Bradford Technologies is committed to the future of appraising. Developing technology solutions and opportunities for appraisers isn't a side hustle for us, it's what we do. It's all we do.

Gone are the days when appraisers could do it all on their own. The valuation industry landscape is changing nearly every day and that's why you need partners you can trust. At Bradford Technologies we work tirelessly on forward thinking innovation to keep appraisers ahead of the game. We're not a giant conglomerate owned by nameless, faceless people. We're a small business with people you get to know and trust and we're dedicated to the appraisal profession. That's important to us and we hope it's important to appraisers too.

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