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Welcome to CompCruncher, the next generation of appraisal software. CompCruncher is a new class of software called Computer-Aided Appraising. Just as computer-aided technologies revolutionized the engineering and design industries, computer-aided appraising is transforming the appraisal industry. Computer-aided appraising is about eliminating all the manual, tedious things an appraiser does and programming the computer to do it–just like a Virtual Assistant. Here are a few things that CompCruncher does so that you can focus on the analysis:
  • It analyzes 100’s of sales and listings.   • It automates market trends and 1004MC analysis.
  • It alerts you to anomalies in the data.   • And its unique Report Builder fills the forms in seconds.
  • It automates market trends and 1004MC analysis.    

The secret to doing more appraisals is not faster form-filling.
It’s faster appraising.
Could you do more appraisals if someone filled out the form for you? Could you earn more money if you didn’t have to spend time gathering market data or filling out the 1004MC form and someone did it for you?
CompCruncher is your Virtual Assistant. It gathers data, performs a preliminary analysis and when you’re done determining a value conclusion, it builds your final report in seconds.
Originally created to produce Collateral Valuation Reports (CVR), today its library has expanded to include 1004S, 2055S, Appraisal Review, Alternative Valuations such as the ACE™ from Valuation Link, eAppraisal Report™ from eAMC and Valuation Express from Allstate Appraisal as well as all the major industry Desktop Appraisal Reports.
Complete Alternative Valuations to profit from the boom in HELOCs.
Statistically supported appraisals provide your valuations greater accuracy and transparency.
Turns data into powerful visual information for easy analysis.
Integrate Regression Analysis to support your valuation reports.
Free software and support. No need to switch from your current provider for GSE reports.
The Comparables Dashboard is a Revolutionary Productivity Tool
CompCruncher’s advanced Comparables Dashboard brings a vast amount of data into a single screen so that you can quickly rank, filter, bracket and select the appropriate comparables. Aerial images of the subject and comp are displayed along side a proximity map. Broker comments are shown for quick reference. An easy-to-configure bracketing tool allows you to rapidly identify your comparables and adjust criteria for selecting suitable properties.
Automatically Calculate and Integrate Regression Analysis
CompCruncher was developed to give appraisers the power to analyze 100’s of sales using regression analysis to support their value conclusion. CompCruncher’s regression module has been enhanced to be more intuitive and easy-to-apply. CompCruncher’s powerful regression tool does it all for you, plus it’s automatically presented in a professional looking Regression Analysis Addendum. And regression analysis is just one of the eight different analytical approaches that CompCruncher utilizes to help you accurately determine a property’s value.
Let CompCruncher™ Fill in Your 1004MC
CompCruncher’s Automated Market Trend Analysis tool works with the data accessed from over 900 Real Estate Boards and their MLSs to quickly format the information and present the data to you. View the prior 12 months of market activity in monthly, quarterly and GSE formats. CompCruncher forecasts the Marketing and Exposure times, calculates the Sales/Listing ratio and provides trending charts for:
• Absortion Rate
• Sales & Listing Price
• Total Sales and Listings
• Months of Supply
• Sales to Listings Ratio
• Sales & Listing Days on Market
After you’re done with the market trends and analysis, CompCruncher will automatically generate a completed 1004MC. No service is faster or more accurate than a Virtual Assistant that automatically fills out the selected forms. And because it’s a computer it does it perfectly the same way every time. Think of how much quicker you could complete an appraisal and how many more you could complete each week with the help of a Virtual Assistant.

New Opportunities to Profit from the HELOC Boom CompCruncher’s advanced Computer-Aided Appraising technology now makes it possible to compete with BPOs and AVMs
The market has traditionally used AVMs and BPOs for home equity valuations, but now with new regulatory guidelines, appraisers have the opportunity to provide these services. What lenders really want is a product that is somewhere between the AVM/BPOs and the traditional 2055s or 1004s. Lenders want a valuation that is credible, transparent and produced by an appraiser.
Bradford Technologies has partnered with companies such as Valuation Link and eAMC to develop new alternative valuation products that specifically address the needs of lenders providing HELOCs, second mortgages, servicing valuations and portfolio analysis. These new products give appraisers an opportunity to supplement their traditional business with these desktop products.
The new alternative products address the needs of markets that appraisers have been left out of due to the turn time and cost of traditional appraisals. These new products and the advances in Computer-Aided Appraising make it possible for appraisers to more quickly produce the new desktop products and as a result, remain profitable – perhaps even more profitable when you consider the elimination of uncompensated time in the field.
Increase your profits with alternative valuations.
HELOCs are providing an precedented opportunity to expand your business.
Bradford Technologies Alternative Valuation Partners are looking for you!
  Valuation Link — ACE™ appraisal product.
  eAMC — eAppraisal Report™
  Allstate Appraisal — Valuation Express Report
  More partners to be announced soon!
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