Bradford Technologies Headquarters solar roof array

Going Green at Bradford

At Bradford Technologies' headquarters office in Silicon Valley, we work to reduce our impact on the environment through clean alternative energy, recycling, and other practices.

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Bradford GreenOur 35kW rooftop solar array, installed in 2007, supplies electricity to our computers, servers and lighting, and the excess provides clean power to the electrical grid in Silicon Valley. Since installation, this array has generated more than 88,500 kilowatt hours, and saves more than 54,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

"This is our way of being part of the solution and not part of the problem. The environment is everyone's responsibility and I strongly encourage everyone to contribute to the global effort in reducing emissions." said Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies, Inc.

Our other environmentally-friendly initiatives include automatic sensors to turn off the lights when we leave a room, extensive recycling, printing on recycled paper, and the use of recycled water for landscaping.